Chapter 12 – The Path of Devotion

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Arjuna said, Of those who are exclusively devoted to worshipping you and those who meditate on the impersonal spirit, who is superior?

Lord Krishna said, In My opinion, those who faithfully worship me with exclusive devotion are superior.

But those who control their senses, view everything with an equal mind, are dedicated to the welfare of all living beings and worship my indefinable, all-pervading, impersonal aspect of spirit will eventually reach me.

Those who are attached to the impersonal conception of the Absolute Truth must struggle to make progress. The path of attaining the impersonal spirit is difficult for the embodied soul.

But those who offer all their actions to me and worship me with devotion, I liberate them from the ocean of suffering and death.

Always focus your mind on me and absorb your intelligence in me. Then you will always abide in me. There is no doubt about this.

If you are unable to firmly focus your mind on me, then try to reach me by engaging continuously in devotional activities and practices.

If you are unable to do this, then try to offer all your actions to me, because you will attain perfection by working for me.

If that is not possible, then try to renounce the fruits of your work for me. If you cannot do that, then try to develop knowledge of me.

Meditation is superior to knowledge, and superior to mediation is the peacefulness which comes from abandoning the desire for material enjoyment.

Anyone who is without hatred and envy; is friendly and compassionate to all living beings; free from possessiveness and ego; equal in joy and sorrow; always forgiving and content; self controlled and with firm resolve; who has given their mind and intelligence to me, such a person is very dear to me.

Those who cause no anxiety to anyone and are free from elation, anger, fear and anxiety are very dear to me. Those who are detached, pure-hearted, fearless, and content with whatever comes to them are very dear to me.

Those who are neither elated nor resentful, who neither grieve nor desire, and who renounce both auspicious and inauspicious things, are very dear to me.

Those who view friends and enemies equally, are equal in honour and dishonour, heat and cold, joy and sorrow, satisfied in all circumstances, have no attachment for any residence, have a peaceful mind and are endowed with devotion, are very dear to me.

Those who wholeheartedly and faithfully follow this path of devotion to me, making me the supreme goal, are very, very dear to me.

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