Chapter 7 – Knowledge of the Absolute

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Lord Krishna said, Arjuna, by linking your consciousness with me and taking refuge in me, you can be free of doubt and know me completely.

Now I will describe knowledge of the spiritual and the material to you. If you know this, there will be nothing more for you to know.

Out of countless souls, a small number achieve the human form. Among the human beings, there are not many who try for perfection. Of those who achieve perfection, very few truly know me.

The eight components of my material energy are earth, water, fire, air, ether or space, mind, intelligence and contaminated ego.

Superior to this inert material energy is my marginal energy, which consists of the individual, conscious living beings. The living beings have chosen to dwell in the material world in an attempt to use and exploit the inert material energy for their own sensual enjoyment.

All living species are created from these two energies. But I am the cause of the creation and also the dissolution of the entire universe. There is nothing superior to me. Like jewels strung along a thread everything depends on me.

I am the taste in water, the effulgence of the sun and the moon, the fundamental vibration Om in the Vedic mantras, the sound in ether and the masculinity in men.

I am the pure fragrance of the earth and the radiance in fire. I am the life of all living beings and the power of endurance of all ascetics.

I am the original cause of all life forms, the intelligence of the intelligent and the courage of the brave.

I am the strength of the powerful and I am sexual desire that does not violate religious principles.

Everything comes from me, but I am also independent and above the modes of material nature.

The illusory material energy is deluding the entire world and therefore no one knows me; because I am transcendental to this material nature and unlimited. My illusory material energy is practically insurmountable, but anyone who surrenders to me can easily overcome it.

Four types of people do not surrender to me: The foolish and ignorant, those who are the lowest among humanity and comparable to animals, those who have their knowledge covered by illusion, and those with an atheistic mentality.

Four kinds of people have the good fortune to worship me: those who are afflicted, those who desire worldly enjoyment, those who seek knowledge, and those who are self-realised.

Of these four types of people, the self-realised soul whose consciousness is fully absorbed in me is the best. Because I am dear to them and they are also very dear to me.

Certainly all of these people are noble souls, but the self-realised soul is as beloved to me as my own self, because they have taken shelter of me as the ultimate goal of life.

Engaging in My divine service, they attain me. After many births, the enlightened soul realises that I am the cause of everything that exists and they surrender to me. It is rare to find such an exalted soul.

People who are misled by material desires worship the demigods and follow the particular rituals required to attain their material objectives. When someone desires to worship the demigods, as the Supersoul seated in their heart, I strengthen their faith for their chosen demigod.

With strong faith, they continue worshiping a particular demigod to obtain all they desire. This all happens by my sanction as I am the Supersoul seated in the hearts of the demigods also.

But these worshippers are unwise because the rewards obtained from the demigods are limited and temporary. Those who worship the demigods reach the celestial planets of the demigods, but those who are devoted to me, will come to me.

The foolish think I have acquired this form and personality, because they are unaware of my transcendental nature which is eternal and supreme.

Concealed by my illusory power, I am not visible to everyone. This deluded world cannot know me in my unborn and eternal divine form.

I am the Supreme Person and I know all living beings in the past, present, and future, but no one knows me in truth.

At the creation of the universe, the dualities of desire and hate delude all living beings. By performing virtuous deeds, the living beings are purified of all sinful reactions.

Those who are free from the illusion of duality worship me with determination. Those who are trying to achieve freedom from disease and death place their trust and devotion in me. They understand spirit, the soul and karma.

Anyone who knows me as the Supreme Lord, the basis of the material and spiritual manifestations and the sustainer of all sacrifices, will not forget me even when they are facing fearful death.

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