Chapter 9 – The Most Secret Knowledge

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Lord Krishna said, Because you are never envious, I will now reveal the most secret knowledge of pure devotion. This knowledge is supreme, pure and eternal, and it will free you from the suffering of material existence. This is the most confidential knowledge and the perfection of religion. It is known by direct realisation and… Continue reading Chapter 9 – The Most Secret Knowledge

Chapter 6 – The Path of Meditation

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Lord Krishna said, Anyone who performs their prescribed duties without attachment to the results is the true yogi and ascetic. You cannot achieve complete renunciation by giving up your prescribed duties or by becoming physically inactive. Yoga is the same as complete renunciation because without renouncing the desire for material and sensual enjoyment one cannot… Continue reading Chapter 6 – The Path of Meditation

Chapter 5 – Action in Spiritual Knowledge

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Arjuna said, Krishna, After advising me to renounce action, you have then recommended selfless action. Please tell me clearly, which of the two is superior? Lord Krishna said, The renunciation of action and selfless action are both beneficial. However, of the two, selfless action is superior. Anyone who is free from attraction and repulsion is… Continue reading Chapter 5 – Action in Spiritual Knowledge

Chapter 1 – Arjuna’s Despair

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On the battlefield at Kurukshetra, two great armies have assembled. Their mighty legions stand facing one another, poised to engage in a civil war. Within the opposing armies are the family members of the royal Kuru dynasty. Unable to reach a peaceful settlement, they have taken up their weapons to fight for sovereignty of their… Continue reading Chapter 1 – Arjuna’s Despair

Chapter 2 – The Nature of the Soul

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Seeing that Arjuna was overwhelmed with grief and his eyes were brimming with tears, Lord Krishna said, Arjuna, how has this illusion overcome you at such a crucial moment? This attitude is inappropriate for a nobleman who understands the civilised ideals of life. You will not achieve honour by behaving in this way, it will… Continue reading Chapter 2 – The Nature of the Soul