The Law of Karma – cosmic justice or natural law?

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The doctrine of karma is sometimes interpreted as a system of cosmic justice. God is the chief prosecutor enforcing his laws through reward and punishment. Suffering is divine retribution for sin, and sin is disobeying God’s commands. With this interpretation of karma, it follows logically that people deserve to suffer. Their suffering is a just… Continue reading The Law of Karma – cosmic justice or natural law?

How to Construct a Worldview

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A blueprint for building tolerance and humility. Human beings need a worldview to function. A worldview isn’t a single belief or even a collection of beliefs. It’s the widest possible view we can take of reality. A worldview is an interpretative framework, a conceptual map containing all the various facts about the world. It orientates… Continue reading How to Construct a Worldview

Can all the Different Religions be True?

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The harmonious outlook of religious pluralism. There is a wide diversity of religious claims and practices. Conceptions of the divine range from the God of Abraham to Hinduism’s impersonal Brahman. This diversity exists between religions and within religions. Many of the different claims seem contradictory. Some people think this means only one religion can be… Continue reading Can all the Different Religions be True?

Universes from Nothing?

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Scientific euphemisms and equivocations The question of cosmic origins is a perennially popular question, but most theists think the answer has been known for thousands of years. God is the ultimate cause of the cosmos. While there’s room to disagree with that theistic conclusion, there are rational limits on the valid ways to reject it.… Continue reading Universes from Nothing?

Reflections on the Nature of Faith

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Transcending the limits of the intellect Faith is sometimes described as belief without evidence. Non-believers promote this idea, but many believers also say this is the substance of faith. If we had evidence, why would we need faith? But this is a shallow understanding of faith. If that was the substance of faith, faith would… Continue reading Reflections on the Nature of Faith