Metaphysics — Mysticism for the Intellect

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What is metaphysics and why is it important? When most people hear the word metaphysics they think of mystical things like ghosts, auras, and supernatural beings. It’s a logical way to interpret the meaning of the word. Meta means beyond and physics means physical stuff. We naturally think of immaterial things. But this is almost… Continue reading Metaphysics — Mysticism for the Intellect

The Limitations of Skepticism

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Is it always wrong to believe without evidence? It’s currently fashionable to disparage belief in God as irrational and lacking sufficient evidence. Most of the discussions focus on the philosophical evidence we have and whether it qualifies as sufficient. But understanding the evidence is a complex task. It requires detailed knowledge of a broad range… Continue reading The Limitations of Skepticism

Naturalism’s Folly – How a method morphed into a metaphysics

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The idea we can neatly divide the world into the natural and the supernatural is a distinctively modern way of thinking. Many people take it for granted the supernatural exists only as a vestigial belief, a cognitive echo of the superstitions of our primitive ancestors. It’s commonly thought that as scientific knowledge advances, it’s proving… Continue reading Naturalism’s Folly – How a method morphed into a metaphysics

Philosophy – The Timeless Art of Clear Thinking

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The value of philosophy is often denigrated by high-profile scientists in the popular media. The most common accusation is that philosophy makes no progress and produces no useful knowledge. These criticisms reveal a deplorable ignorance of what philosophy is from otherwise well-educated scientists. Of course, if the critics are right and philosophy isn’t contributing any knowledge,… Continue reading Philosophy – The Timeless Art of Clear Thinking