The Problem of Evil and Suffering – Is there a solution?

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The problem of evil is often called the rock of atheism. This describes its enduring power to cast doubt on the existence of a loving God. While we think of it as a logical problem, its force reaches far deeper than the intellect. It’s a simple matter to solve the logical problem of evil and reconcile… Continue reading The Problem of Evil and Suffering – Is there a solution?

The Insidious Cult of Scientism

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The power of cultural indoctrination. We can’t avoid cultural conditioning. We absorb it through psychological osmosis. From the moment of our birth, we’re immersed in social interactions which instill the cultural values and beliefs of our society. All human societies function through a set of shared values, beliefs, and practices. Culture is the conceptual infrastructure… Continue reading The Insidious Cult of Scientism

The Fulfilment of Consciousness

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Moving in harmony with the divine The conscious dimensions of nature are the substance of reality. The conscious self within your body is the substance of what you are, and the same principle applies to the whole of reality. The field of spacetime is a continuous fabric on which the details of the world are… Continue reading The Fulfilment of Consciousness

The Silence of the Cosmos is the Sound of Freedom

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The human search for meaning. Human life is an existential crisis. We do what we can to avoid it. We try to ignore it, outsource it, delegate it, divert our attention from it or deny it exists. But they’re all feeble and futile attempts to avoid the unassailable law of our being, the essence of… Continue reading The Silence of the Cosmos is the Sound of Freedom

Heaven is not a Geographical Location

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In the spiritual view of reality, the inner dimensions of the world are primary. The foundation of the world is consciousness. Instead of the naturalist view that consciousness is a state of matter, the idealist view is that matter is a state of consciousness. Matter is an idea. When we limit our view of the… Continue reading Heaven is not a Geographical Location

The Substance of Reality – Consciousness filtered through space-time

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In the modern world, naturalism exerts a potent influence on our way of thinking. The exuberance produced by the success of science caused an overconfidence in its ability to explain the world. As scientific discoveries accumulated, people assumed this trend would continue indefinitely. Eventually, science would discover the Theory of Everything, a complete description of… Continue reading The Substance of Reality – Consciousness filtered through space-time

The Inner Dimensions of Nature

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There is a lot of debate about the characteristics of nature and the existence of the supernatural, but through it all the concept of nature is often obscure. We may use the same word, but often we’re not talking about the same thing. For the materialist, nature consists of the objective properties studied by science… Continue reading The Inner Dimensions of Nature

How to Construct a Worldview

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A blueprint for building tolerance and humility. Human beings need a worldview to function. A worldview isn’t a single belief or even a collection of beliefs. It’s the widest possible view we can take of reality. A worldview is an interpretative framework, a conceptual map containing all the various facts about the world. It orientates… Continue reading How to Construct a Worldview

Universes from Nothing?

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Scientific euphemisms and equivocations The question of cosmic origins is a perennially popular question, but most theists think the answer has been known for thousands of years. God is the ultimate cause of the cosmos. While there’s room to disagree with that theistic conclusion, there are rational limits on the valid ways to reject it.… Continue reading Universes from Nothing?

In Pursuit of the Good Life

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The search for the foundation of ethics. Everyone wants to live a good life, but what does that mean? Generally we picture a life with enough money to make us independent, time to pursue activities we enjoy, and opportunity for sensual pleasures. But can you live a good life even if you don’t have the… Continue reading In Pursuit of the Good Life