Chapter 9 – The Most Secret Knowledge

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Lord Krishna said, Because you are never envious, I will now reveal the most secret knowledge of pure devotion. This knowledge is supreme, pure and eternal, and it will free you from the suffering of material existence.

This is the most confidential knowledge and the perfection of religion. It is known by direct realisation and is easy and joyful to practise. Those who do not have faith in this path of devotion are unable to reach me. They remain wandering on the path of birth and death in this material world.

I pervade the entire universe in my undetectable form. Everything in existence is contained within me, but I am not in them. This is my inconceivable supernatural power.

I am the origin and sustainer of all living beings and I am everywhere, but I am not in them. Like the air that moves within limitless space but is separate from space, so all living beings are situated within me.

At the time of the annihilation of the universe, all beings merge into my material nature. At the beginning of a new millennium, by my external material energy I manifest them again. Through the agency of my illusory material energy, I repeatedly create all life forms.

Yet these activities do not implicate me. I remain detached and neutral in the manifestation and withdrawal of the material nature.

As directed by me, this material nature produces the universe of moving and stationery beings. This material world is created and annihilated over and over again.

The ignorant insult me when I appear in human form because they do not comprehend the spiritual nature of my form and my supremacy over all. Such deluded people have an ignorant and atheistic nature so their activities, their hopes and their knowledge are all in vain.

The great souls who are not deluded take shelter of the spiritual nature. They whole-heartedly worship me, knowing me as the eternal origin of all.

Constantly singing my glories, they worship me with devotion and determination. Others worship me in oneness, or as the one diverse in many, or as the universal form.

I am the ritual, the sacrificial offering and the transcendental mantra. I am the sacrificial ingredients and I am the act of offering. I am the father and mother of this universe and the object of all knowledge.

I am the purifier and the transcendental syllable Om. I am the goal, the maintainer, the master, the witness, the refuge, the guardian and the dearest friend.

I am the universal creation and the annihilation, the foundation of everything and the original seed. I am the imperishable Supreme Lord. I control heat and I control the rain. I am immortality, death, truth and untruth.

Those who perform the rituals prescribed in the Vedas worship the demigods. In fact, they worship me indirectly. They take birth on the heavenly planets of the demigods where they enjoy celestial pleasures.

After enjoying celestial sense pleasure, they return to the human sphere. They achieve only temporary happiness and must still undergo repeated birth and death in this material world.

For those who are always absorbed in thought of me and worship me with devotion, I supply what they need and I preserve what they have.

Those who worship the demigods are actually worshipping me, but without proper awareness. I am the only enjoyer and rewarder of all sacrifices, but those who are ignorant of my position fall down and take birth again.

The demigod worshippers will reach the demigods, those who worship ghosts and spirits will go to them, and those who worship the ancestors will go to their ancestors. But anyone who worships me will come to me.

If anyone offers me a leaf, a flower, fruit or water with love and devotion, I will affectionately accept their offering.

Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever vow you may keep and whatever austerities you may perform, do it as an offering to me.

This will liberate you from the reactions to karma that bind you to this material world. Linking your mind selflessly to me will free you and you will come to me.

I am equally disposed towards all living beings, no one is my enemy or my friend. But a tie of affection binds me to anyone who serves me with love, and affection binds them to me.

Even if a sinful person serves me, you should consider them saintly because their ideal is perfect. They quickly attain virtuous practices and achieve constant peace.

O Arjuna, please declare to the world that anyone who is devoted to me is never vanquished.

Even those of lower birth and qualifications who take shelter of me can reach the supreme destination. So how can there be any doubt the saintly kings and priests who engage in loving service to me will achieve the supreme goal? 

Always think of me, become devoted to me and worship me. If you offer yourself to me and take shelter in me, you will surely come to me.

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